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NEW YORK stream of consciousness

New york stream of consciousness

East with a boardwalk, rung around by sidewalk, drawing upon with chalk along which people stroll. West of its manhattan, eastward more is Brooklyn’s shore, beneath its mud feels and suds of the Consolidated Edison plant on 14th street. This ominous factory churns out waste heat. Rain water washes into our sewers where legendary species of albino crocodiles are reported to flourish.

Raging suds and the New Jersey skyline, piegons fly high in view of the highline, this is the west side highway where planes fly above upscale lotion stores. Oh its shore’s the Hudson’s banks grow mosses and weeds full of seeds. Pods green and leafy vines, black locust carving lines through cracked pavement under into the brackish waves lapping at the surfaces of algae-covered rocks beneath.



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