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A spanish restaurant in Paris

She sat there. Did not really knew why anymore. She just sat there. In the restaurant of an old spanish man that has left his homeland a while ago. She had entered the place hoping to live again what she had live there . Sevillia. February. But as soon as she passed the doorstep she realised how stupid the atempt was.What did she expect.She had soudainly had the desire to feel as good as she has felt that day. The paela day. Sevilla. February.Flamenco.Spanish fans. The accent of the old man.Paella sevilliana on the menu. It would have been pefect.She brought to her month a shrimp. She was facing two persons that had probably never seen Sevellia. She looked at them and felt good.

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Une réflexion sur “A spanish restaurant in Paris

  1. i like how personable this account is!

    Publié par raspberry*clown | 15 avril 2015, 08:39

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