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A teenager party in public toilets

She was sitting on the floor, leaning on the corner of the room, between the sink and the wall. She watched the bottle spining on the tiles. Will it stop on her. She tried to control her breathing. She had never kissed before. She was 14 and her and her friends were desperate for freedom and interestingly enough they find it on the entrance of public toilets. Behind a small wooden door. In front of the Church. On the main square. They were rarely used. It was such a small village that you could not be more than 10 minutes away from your own toilets. They were not dirty. But they were not clean. They were four, four girls, together on every occasions. So much so that people had forget their names. They were know as « les filles ». The year they were born the number of kids in the village had doubled. In this tiny place they always felt an eye on them, everywhere they went they could be seen or at least interupted by someoone they knew but there, in the toilets, they felt safe. They would come at night with all sorts of treasures that they could smoke, snort, drink, eat and they would lie them down one the floor in front of them in the middle of their circle. The bottle spun, she watched it passing by. One time then a second time, on the third time it stop on her. They were expected to french kiss. She leaned toward Charlotte. Charlotte looked at her, smile and said in an affectionate manner. Open your month. What did she mean. How big did she need to open it. She remembered now. Circles. She was supposed to make circles with her tongue. How do you do that. She concentrated so much on her circles that she forgot to try to like it. It was over. Her tongue was in charlottes’ month 1 minute ago and she did not even realised it. The game sucked. She took the bottle, it was wisky, opened it, drunk from it and felt an intense pleasure when she felt the burning sensation in her throat. Soon, she slided on the wall from the sink to charlottes legs. Charlotte was telling a story they had heard before, she wasn’t listening  when charlottes started to play with her hair.



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