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The boys never passed her the ball

The boys never passed her the soccer ball. That’s how it was. She was so happy to play with them that she never even thought about being upset about it. Within few monthes they learn how play. But she did not. Eventually she stopped to want the ball. She wanted her team to win. She became goal keeper. After a while. She became good. and soon. the best. So much so that she thought that she liked it. Being goal keeper. The balls hits her straight red palm one after an other. She trained on enduring the pain. She had read and misanderstood in some kid review an article on boudhism. So she felt like she was doing some sort of spiritual activity. Mastering the pain. On the soccer field. But also when she fight with the boys. In the sand pit. They watched her going peacefully to the bathroom while her nose bled thinking she was convenient. For a girl. Convenient. She had to be convenient. She did not have to be a boy to play with them. She just needed to convenient. So she learned how to be convenient. And she became good at it. She even thought she liked it.



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