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Diptyque Chloé

By Chloé


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Le volontariat: être payé environ 500 euros par mois pour bosser pour une asso

Le volontariat c’est un mixte entre l’emploi et le bénévolat.

Service civique (16 à 25 ans)

Tu peux trouver les annonces sur le site:


Ou si t’es vraiment motivé tu peux créer le poste avec ton asso préférée.

L’état te verse 442 euros par mois, l’asso pour laquelle tu bosses 100 euros.

Les durées sont variables: 3 mois, 6 mois, un an.

Service volontaire européen (18 à 30 ans)

Sinon le Service Volontaire Européen y ressemble beaucoup mais c’est un organisme européen:  Nourri, logé et un peu d’argent de poche.

www.injep.fr/-Service-Volontaire-Europeen-18-25-.html à vous de choisir ce qui vous intéresse http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_en.cfm

Why Gay Men Need To Be Feminists

I came across this interesting article on The New Gay. Extract :

The place to start, I believe, is to identify the fear which is associated both with women’s empowerment and with gay rights. What do strong independent women have in common with men who love men and women who love women? The obvious answer is that both represent a subversion of traditional western (i.e. Euro-American) gender roles. The roots of the dominant gender paradigm are deep and varied, and manifest very presently in our everyday lives. The cultural assumptions which underlie our deeply rooted sense of what is male and what is female, what is masculine and what is feminine, are so ingrained as to seem so essential that to question them is like a fish questioning water. I think, however, that we can tease some of these out for examination.

Consider the commonly held notion that female homosexuality is less threatening than male homosexuality. How many times have we heard or thought “It’s easier for girls?” The most obvious and visible element of patriarchal society is the empowerment of the male over the female, masculine over feminine. The assumed sexual roles of men and women in relation to each other are of dominance and submission. When viewing a same-sex relationship in this light, the patriarchal heterosexual mind will see a female dominating a female, and a male dominating a male, respectively. A female dominating another female may be somewhat problematic, a usurpation of power that she should not have, but ultimately manageable since one might assume that were a man to come along he could put either in their place (insert reference to male heterosexual lesbian porn fantasies). When a male is dominated by another male, however, you have a man placing himself in the role of a woman, choosing to give up the power that is rightfully his. That, I would argue, is the “perversion” which is so feared: that God forbid, a man should make himself like a woman.

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